Multimedia Tools
Use these sites to create online multimedia projects

Presention Tools

VoiceThread - Create multimedia presentations
that others can comment on.


glogster edu
Multimedia Posters


Zooming online presentation tool.


More Web 2.0 Tools

 Blogs & Wikis


General Portals for images, video, and music

 discovery education streaming
Find video and images for use in your in-school projects.


Government Sources - Most images are in the public domain, but some are not.
Read conditions of use!!!

About Copyright

To Attribute the Author to any Images or Videos you must:

  • keep intact any copyright notices for the Work;
  • credit the author, licensor and/or other parties (such as a wiki or journal) in the manner they specify;
  • the title of the Work; and
  • the URL for the work if provided.

Educational Sites


Into the Book

Magnetic Poetry


Magnetic Poetry

National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids

Scholastic Book Trailers

Scholastic Book Trailers

Search Engines

Kid Friendly Search Engines

Search Engines

Kids Click
Links are librarian selected and organized by subject tree.

Yahoo icon
A directory of web sites.

Ask Kids
Ask Kids is a search engine designed exclusively for young people ages 6 to 12. It's a free, safe, fun way for kids and their parents to quickly and easily research school topics like science, math, geography, language arts, and history.

dogpile icon
Searches Google, Yahoo!, MSN, and Ask Jeeves all at once.


Yahooligans icon
A directory of kid-safe popular sites.




Leads you to kid-friendly web sites.

Directory of web sites selected by librarians.


Ready Reference icon
Locate definitions.

fact monster icon
Search a variety of online reference materials. icon
Locate synonyms and antonyms.

Search a variety of online reference materials. icon
Locate familiar quotations.